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Masters Class In The Integrated Knee Joint (12 CPD)


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The evidence leads us to new horizons on how to integrate the latest (2017/2018) knee specific rehabilitation approaches for Patella Femoral Pain (PFP), Anterior Cruciate Ligament reconstruction (ACLR), Knee Osteoarthritis and Patella Tendon (PT) pain in clinical practice. This is very exciting because there is more to it than only weak gluteus or knees collapsing as the main risk factors for these conditions. Where do all of these fit in then…?

Optimal Loading has got the answer through the goldilocks (It’s just right…) rehabilitation approach. The clinical research world has moved on to loading the injured structure (Knee) to prepare it for the applied load as one of the main considerations when working with these patients.

A Brand-new Clinical Reasoning Algorithm will be launched to help clinicians apply specific optimal loading principles when rehabilitating these 4 different knee pathologies. These principles will guide futuristic short, medium- and-long term outcomes while considering rehabilitating patients back to previous levels of performance.

The course will break it down to the practical hands-on application of specific scientific exercise progressions and implementation thereof in private practice as a primary intervention for these conditions.

We will further investigate the specific exercise descriptors (reps, sets, tempo and intensity) as a means through which we can apply our critical thinking in order to create longer lasting results with patients.

This course will be a true master’s class in challenging the status quo of general knee exercise prescriptions and progressions to advance to evidence-based knee exercise treatment.

Course Audience

Biokineticist, Chiropractor, Orthotist, Physioterapist, Podiatrist


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Duration of Course

1.5 Days

CPD Points Earned

12 CPD

Lunch/Finger Foods Included


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1. Revisit lower limb biomechanics and the relevance within different knee pathologies.
2. Launching a NEW clinical Reasoning Algorithm.
3. Apply algorithm within the scope of different knee pathologies.
4. Practical hands-on assessment and set up of progression indicators.
5. How to design a criterion-based rehabilitation progression model.
6. Practical demonstrations of load monitoring models.
7. Understanding Mechanical Loading through proper exercise prescription and the power within it.

1. Teach clinicians the more advanced knee (PFP, ACLR, PT) rehabilitation techniques which could improve FINAL outcomes.
2. Understand the different approaches when working with these knee pathologies.
3. Apply sound clinical reasoning within the face of the risk for re-injury or decreased functional performance.

NEW COURSE, reviews will be loaded in 2019