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Lifting Your Game With Treating Resistant Tendon Injuries (8 CPD)


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The course will be your answer to overcome annoying tendinopathies and set a new paradigm in your clinical practice for the treatment thereof. We will address the clinical patho-physiology of these type of injuries and a step by step practical assessment of the intrinsic factors that cause tendinopathies. Evidence based rehabilitation strategies to prevent and treat these type of injuries will be highlighted. Individual treatment strategies and ‘clinical pearls’ will be shared.
Eccentric training: Yes or No?

Tendons can be resistant to treatment and often reoccur, implying that current treatment approaches are sub optimal and lack an obvious treatment of choice.  Doubt hovers over the current eccentric training regime for tendinopathies – we will investigate and revolutionize.

These type of overuse injuries can be characterized by localized tendon pain with loading and can lead to decreased functional performance of the kinetic chain. According to current research, tendon overuse and the subsequent development of tendinopathies, represents a common disorder that is difficult to treat.

The purpose of this course is to equip clinicians with impeccable practical clinical knowledge to bridge the gap between clinical research and private practice. Course participants will experience new clinical solutions and practical exercise experiences through which these pathologies can be rehabilitated.

The ideal scenario would be to define the optimal treatment solution for tendinopathies within an EBP philosophy. These clinical treatment interventions will enhance the loading capacity of the tendon, improve functional performance of the patient and decrease the risk for re-occurrences. One of the benefits of this course is to enhance the clinical skill of the practitioner to evaluate, debate and conclude the most dynamic solutions for tendon injuries.

This course will be your answer to treat the origin of the problem and not only recognize the symptoms we so often deal with.

Course Audience

Biokineticist, Chiropractor, Orthotist, Physioterapist, Podiatrist


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Duration of Course

1 day

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  1. Understand the continuum of tendinopathies defined by Prof Jill Cook.
  2. To define the risk factors that drive tendinopathies.
  3. Apply clinical reasoning skills to uproot the cause of tendinopathies.
  4. Efficient assessment and re-assessment of the patient.
  5. Goal setting for various types of tendinopathy pathologies within a structured program and the right exercise selection.
  6. Plan rehabilitation strategies for tendon injuries among patients with different clinical presentations.
  7. Tendon neuroplastic training as rehabilitation modality.
  1. Understand the structure and function of a tendon.
  2. Understand the patho-physiology of tendinopathies.
  3. Debate different treatment modalities and select the most effective.
  4. Common pitfalls to overcome in the treatment regime of tendinopathies.
  5. Exercise progressions and correct implementation in certain phases of rehabilitation and sport performance.

THEME 1: Tendon specific treatment for various cases.
THEME 2: Strategic rehabilitation within the continuum.
THEME 3: Continual progress assessments to determine success rate of treatment
THEME 4: Project short, medium and long term rehabilitation outcomes
THEME 5: Practical, Practical, Practical

“Excellent presenter with a holistic approach to teaching and training participants”
– Course Attendee, Johannesburg

“Enjoyed course, well worth coming from far. Presenter engages with the attendees and is passionate about this field of rehabilitation”
– Course Attendee, Cape Town
“Very informative & easy to incorporate into practice”
– Course Attendee, Hilton KZN