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2-Part Online Series: Elbow Injuries – Where Science Meets Clinical Practice (5CPD)


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We have recruited 2 experienced Clinicians to teach & elaborate on the clinical considerations for the effective treatment of elbow instability and lateral elbow pain, they will specifically focus on “surgery vs conservative treatment”.

Join Guest Presenters:
Dr. Gideon Van Staden (Orthopaedic Surgeon) Specializing in hand, elbow and upper limb surgeries.
Tanya Bell (Physiotherapist) Tanya is a manual therapist, international lecturer & experienced course presenter.

Some of the topics to be discussed: 

1) A multi-disciplinary perspective on the management of elbow injuries/ lateral elbow pain.
2) Conservative management vs surgical management for elbow ligament injuries.
3) How to treat elbow injuries in the modern era – an Orthopaedic surgeon’s perspective.
4) Secondary long-term consequences because of long-standing elbow injuries.
5) Return to sports decisions after elbow surgery or conservative management (Milestones).

Surgical management of patients with elbow injuries

  • Clinical Signs and symptoms
  • A broad overview: MRI/X-Ray etc. for certain more prominent conditions.
  • Surgical management for elbow ligament injuries.
  • Current techniques for elbow instability

Conservative treatment for lateral elbow pain

  • Rehabilitation consideration for lateral elbow pain.
  • Clinical Pearls for private practice clinicians.
  • and more….