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ACL Injuries Are For REAL – Dr. Enda King Elaborates On the Latest Research Findings & Rehabilitation Strategies (2 CPD)


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We have recruited world-leading expert, Dr. Enda King from Aspetar (Qatar) to present and elaborate on ACLR rehabilitation.  He and his team has done extensive research on ACLR rehabilitation and have numerous publications on this topic.

He will discuss rehabilitation exercise solutions and best practice guidelines for optimal rehabilitation to returning ACLR athletes back to sport participation with the lowest risk for re-injury.

Some of the topics to be discussed:

– Pathophysiology of ACLR surgery.
– The assessment of the ACLR patient (Criterion based model with focus on latter phases> 6 months post-op ACLR)
– Strength and Power development for ACLR patients.
– Return to sport or performance considerations.