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Dr. Claire Minshull Strength Training As A Scientific Pillar In Exercise Rehabilitation (2CPD)


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Dr. Claire Minshull (UK) joining us LIVE online to elaborate on the importance and main aim of any rehabilitation programme:

To enable the patient to return to function or sports, safely, effectively and often as quickly as possible.

A common remit is the improvement of muscular strength.  But, selecting and then crafting the right strength training intervention in patient populations who have clinical restriction and symptoms can be challenging.  In such a demanding environment, managing the patient/athlete day-to-day and the use of ‘new’ and untested methods are tempting. Likewise deloading exercise to mitigate pain responses before consideration of exercise adaptation is commonplace. These approaches without proper thought can compromise the efficacy of the intervention and result in sub-optimal outcomes and patient progression.

Some of the topics to be discussed

In this session we will recap:

– Fundamentals of strength and conditioning and specificity of exercise design.

– Consider the evidence-based strategies that we can use in patient populations to preserve exercise specificity.

– Review the importance of muscular strength to health, longevity and athletic performance.

– And more…