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Prof Peter Malliaras: Exercise dosages for tendon loading in clinical practice – When is ‘enough’ enough? (2CPD)


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We have recruited Prof Peter Malliaras from Melbourne Australia (Monash University), to elaborate and share on the application of exercise dosages and tendon loading in clinical rehabilitation. He is one of the most knowledgeable and experienced clinicians in the field of tendinopathy management.

He will highlight the importance of understanding the science of strength training and exercise dosages on pathological tendons.

Furthermore, the discussion will resonate around optimal loading of tendons via best practice testing as an integrated pillar of tendon rehabilitation. Tendon progressive loading will be discussed as part of optimal exercise prescription.

Some of the topics to be discussed:

1) Understanding exercise dosages & tendon loading.
2) Strength and Power development for tendons – missing link of under dosing in clinical practice.

3) Return to sport/performance & strength training benchmarks (Load to withstand load).

4) Practical illustrations of exercise progressions as well as case studies.

5) Discussion: what educational components can contribute to optimize the ‘buy-in’ and behavioural change.


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