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The vision for TRIPP software is to use data science and artificial intelligence to solve challenges in the industry.

We would like to encourage clinicians to cultivate a mindset that embraces big data – data that could change the industry with specific outcomes-based reporting & scientific program prescription.

Tripp aids as a clinical decision supporting tool that can be used for the effective and scientific documentation of exercise and rehabilitation interventions as well as report back to the multidisciplinary team on the outcomes of these interventions.

1. Patient database capturing:

Real-time data capturing and in advance program planning. Feedback Statistics can be utilized for future interventions

2. Patient management:

  • Day to day patient management
  • Time management while providing qualitative and quantitative feedback to multidisciplinary members.
  • Critical decision-making at the end of each intervention.

3. Time management:

Patient reporting and scientific programming can be fast-tracked.

4. For research purposes it will promote the process to translate research back into private practice.

TRIPP aims to be the premier provider of
Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution