TRIPP Membership (Translate Research Into Private Practice)

R250.00 now, and R250.00 on the 1st of each month

The vision is to build a clinical community of expert practitioners by changing informative clinicians into transformative leaders. Therefore, we established a world class knowledge hub for multi- disciplinary professionals.

Does the membership offer me:

  • FREE Monthly Journal Club Module (2 CPD).
  • FREE registration to Live Online workshops/Courses from date of registration (taking place every 4-6 weeks)
  • FREE Access to Online Evidence Practice Guidelines.
  • FREE Online clinical/patient case study consultations  – Just email us to book a session.
  • Discount on online Master Class courses (CPD accredited).
  • Discount on National Facilitated Live events/courses (CPD accredited).
  • Automatic CPD submission to your profile at the HPCSA .
  • All events are always recorded: You can view it in your own time/space if live attendance it not possible.
  • Just a world of exposure to National & International Speakers and Researched Evidence!

Do I Access My Content:

  1. Go to
  2. Click on ‘Account’ on the main menu bar.
  3. Login with your details
  4. All content/workshops/Modules will always be on your dashboard.

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Let’s Help You With The ‘Terms’:

What is a Journal Club Module? It’s a mini clinical online “content package” . Each Monthly Module has its own theme & can consist of content like a clinical article, Practical videos, pod cast, graphical explanations, rehab techniques etc.

What is a LIVE Online workshop/Course: A live online workshop/course (Zoom) takes place on a scheduled date & time with National & International Speaker/s discussing a specific topic or case study. It includes a ‘Q & A’ for attendees on the session.

Master class course:  This can be a live streaming event OR an online course series that usually consists of more than 1 session with clinical experts presenting on topics.

Facilitated events/courses: Live event/course at a venue.


The content presented in any of the above mentioned modules/workshops/courses are registered and accredited at the HPCSA (Health Professional Council of South Africa).

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Subscription Terms & Conditions


Any personal information received will only be used to fill your order. We will not sell or redistribute your information to anyone.


Automated membership subscription fees will be deducted by Payfast from the account details that were provided by the member on the 1st of every month.

Payfast is the official payment gateway to TRIPP Membership subscriptions.

All Membership fee payments are Nett payments, in other words, all bank deposit/transfer, costs/cash payment, fees/encashment, fees/foreign exchange fees etc are for the participant’s cost and must be included in your subscription payment.

Cancellation of TRIPP Membership

You may cancel your monthly subscription by logging into your account on Under the Subscriptions Tab, customers are able to manage their subscription preferences.

Take note:
One calendar month notice period is required for subscription termination.  If you cancel your membership subscription, the cancellation will take effect for your next calendar month billing cycle.  You will not be eligible for a refund for monthly membership fees paid prior to the month the cancellation takes effect.


No Refunds. Except as otherwise provided for herein or agreed by TRIPP in writing, there are no refunds of membership fees or other amounts paid by you in connection with the Membership Services.

Transfer of Membership

TRIPP does not allow the transfer of membership subscriptions due to the fact that profiles are linked to individuals and specific HPCSA numbers.


Completing and submitting a membership subscription form constitutes your acceptance of the subscription / cancellation / refund / transfer policies of TRIPP.